Andrea heats things up with a sexy Samba class Saturdays at Exhale Studio!

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Miss Kula  ~ Winter is coming and it’s getting cold outside! If you can’t head south for the winter then head to Exhale Studio for a taste of Brazilian heat! On Saturday I chose to warm up with a sexy Samba class at Exhale, and this class is hot in more ways than one. Andrea teaches sizzling moves that work up a sweat and get your blood flowing while having a great time! Join me Saturdays at 1:15 to learn something new and get a great workout.

Originally from Brazil, Andrea is outgoing and talented, and will have you singing along to the fun Brazilian music in no time. Samba, she explains, is a dance that developed during the world famous Carnival. The streets were so crowded that it was difficult to dance, especially the traditional Brazilian Capoeira, which is based in martial arts and includes moves that are at times quite violent in nature. A softer dance was needed, and the big skirts and props such as umbrellas that Samba dancers use helped draw attention to the dancers and clear space on the packed streets.

We began with a warm up and then followed Andrea as she taught moves to each song, similar to the way we would in a Zumba class (which is partly founded in Samba). Then Andrea broke down her choreography as we learned more complicated moves. As a cool down, we went over basic Samba steps, then finished with some stretching. Andrea sprinkles her choreography with anecdotes of how the songs and dances came about and the history of Samba, and she told us she would include some props in next week’s class, which I look forward to.

Being new to Samba, I got a lot out of this class in the way of learning new steps, getting a great workout, learning the history of the dance and some Brazilian history too, and having fun shaking my hips to fantastic music. In this way the class is great as a drop-in, but a couple students had been going for a while and Andrea noted they had improved significantly, thus this Samba class can be a great progressive class as well if you are looking to really get to know the dance. So come in from the cold and work up a sweat Saturdays at 1:15 at Exhale Yoga Pilates and Dance!

Miss Kula – Exhale Studio, Yaletown, Vancouver

Journal Entry #40 – November 15th, 2012.

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