I’ve never taken a class before. How do I begin?
Arrive 15 minutes early for your first class to fill out a new student form, familiarize yourself with the studio and meet the instructor.  All classes are “Drop In” unless otherwise specified as “Pre-Registered” on the Schedule.  To save sign in time:  Please download New Student Form, fill it out and bring it with you on your first visit to the studio.

Do you have mats?
Yes, we have mats and other equipment available for you to use for free.

If I buy a class card or an unlimited pass, can I use it towards any class?
All class cards and unlimited passes are good for all Drop In classes. Pre-registered classes are a separate/additional price and require registration in advance by e-mailing info@exhalestudio.com.

If we were to include the pre-registered price in the unlimited/class card price, it would increase the unlimited/class card price. The pre-registered classes cater to a niche clientele; we feel most people would like the price to be lower for the regular classes.

Do I have to start my unlimited month on the 1st of the month?
No, one month means 30 days from your 1st visit.  For example, if you buy your one month on Aug 24, you have until Sept 23 to come to as many yoga, pilates and dance drop-in classes as you like.

Are your yoga and pilates classes appropriate for beginners?
Absolutely. Our instructors will teach beginner poses then show modifications to intermediate and advanced students. When you become stronger in your yoga and pilates practice you can do those too!

Do I need to know how to dance?
No. That’s why we’re here: to take you through it step by step. Our classes are great for students who want to experience dance for the first time.

Will I be permitted to take class if I am pregnant?
We advise all prenatal clients to download the Parmed-X Form.  This form must be reviewed and completed by your health care professional (doctor, midwife) prior to attending classes.  Additionally, only prenatal yoga and prenatal pilates certified instructors are qualified to assist with poses and modifications for pregnant women.  We have both a prenatal yoga and prenatal pilates instructor on staff who are available for private classes should you wish to learn more before attending additional classes.  Your health care professional will have more information regarding your health and fitness history to properly advise you with regards to your activity level.  Furthermore, instructors may use their discretion when allowing prenatal clients into class, and may refer you to another class should they choose to.  Please contact us if you require any additional information regarding prenatal advice or private sessions.

Do you have Parking?
There is no parking for Exhale Yoga Pilates Dance Studio, but lots of parking in the area. We recommend meter parking on Cambie St. in between Nelson and Pacific, or ride your bike and lock it up on the bike rack right outside Exhale, or take the Canada Line to Yaletown-Roundhouse Station which is 1 minute walk from Exhale Yoga Pilates Dance Studio.

Do you have showers?
Exhale Yoga Pilates Dance Studio does not have showers, but we do have changing rooms.

How do I pre-register for a class that’s specified as such?
Contact Exhale Yoga Pilates Dance Studio at info@exhalestudio.com or call 604-689-2446 to reserve a spot and to arrange making payment for the series.

Do I need a partner for Salsa class?
No, you do not need a partner in order to take Salsa classes.

Do you provide daycare during classes?
Not currently, but let us know if you are interested and if there is enough interest we can set up a nanny service.

If I buy an unlimited membership but am going away for an extended period of time, am I able to put my membership on hold?
Email your request to info@exhalestudio.com and show confirmation – such as your flight itinerary – we will consider your extension, and then let you know if it is approved.

What pass should I get?
We offer a variety of passes to accommodate various schedules. If you are a new student, we recommend starting with our new student special – 1 week unlimited for $24 – which will allow you to determine what membership and classes are best for you.

If you plan on coming to yoga once a week on a regular basis the best value is the 12 month unlimited pass, which comes to only $18 per week if you pay in full. You can also pay on a monthly basis at a cost of $25 per week, and if you go away you can put your pass on hold.

Click here for information on our memberships and passes.

Are you open on holidays?
Check the homepage of the website for upcoming holiday schedules.

I’m intimidated. Will everyone in the class look like a model and practice yoga like you see in the magazines?
No! Most yoga students are relative beginners and many are absolute beginners. Everyone started as a beginner. Each class has a broad representation of ages and body types, but over time and with REGULAR practice, EVERYONE gets stronger, leaner, and healthier. We offer a wide variety of classes, and our desk staff will be happy to recommend a class suited to your needs.

How often should I practice?
As often as possible, but we recommend a minimum of two or three days a week. Practicing once a week is better than nothing, but greater frequency increases the benefits of your practice.

What should I wear? What shoes, if any, do I need?
Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move and stretch in. Avoid any accessories or jewelry that could impede your movement. We also ask that you avoid wearing perfume; we maintain a fragrance-free environment.

Yoga and Pilates classes are done in bare feet, for Dance classes we recommend running shoes to protect your ankles.  You may wear heels in Salsa or Burlesque, provided they have a rubber heel which is thick enough to not damage the floors.

What if I just can’t do a pose?
If you encounter a yoga pose that you are not quite ready for, you can ask the teacher for modifications (all our teachers are trained to help new students master poses safely and successfully). You can also opt to rest, or do another pose that you would like to work on. The important thing to remember is that this is your practice. We foster a non-competitive environment and ask that you honor your body and do only what is comfortable and feels right to you. With time, you may find that you can indeed master that challenging pose.

What if my question has not been answered here?
We understand that with so many choices and options, it can be challenging to figure out where to start your journey into Yoga, Pilates and/or Dance. Please, contact us and let us know your individual goals and needs, and after listening we will help you find what classes are right for you, and advise you of how to meet your goals and needs. Please, phone, email or stop by 15 minutes before any class start time for a personal consultation.