Vision & Goals

Exhale Yoga studio Vancouver, About

Exhale Yoga, Pilates & Dance Studio Vision:

We endeavour to promote physical and emotional release, and personal improvement through creative and unique outlets. Through a variety of yoga, pilates and dance classes in Yaletown, Vancouver, we hope to inspire people to set goals for themselves and reach them, while enhancing their self-image and self-confidence.

In addition to many physical benefits, yoga classes help you relieve stress, gain fulfillment and find a deep sense of peace. Pilates strengthens the core by developing pelvic stability and abdominal control, and increases muscular strength endurance while toning the entire body. Dance provides a great workout and increases energy, leaving you feeling stimulated and having fun!

No need to be a member at several impersonal studios, centres and gyms. At Exhale Yoga Pilates Dance Studio, we offer a variety of classes to fit everyone’s needs and, hopefully, entice you to try something new. At the same time, we want to remain small enough that we get to know you and you get to know us. If you are looking for a yoga studio in Vancouver that is friendly and intimate but offers a variety of classes, then this is the yoga studio for you!

Exhale Yoga, Pilates, & Dance Studio Goals:

  • High quality instruction from experienced, knowledgeable, and inspiring teachers.
  • Range and selection of quality yoga, pilates and dance classes
  • Relaxing, comfortable, and supportive environment
  • Attractive ambience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Listening to you, your needs, your goals
  • Guidance to reach your goals of health and wellness
  • Convenient Yaletown location in downtown (Yaletown),Vancouver