Advance Your Yoga Practice

Exhale Yoga instructor, Waylon

Zuddha Flow Yoga is an integrated practice which Waylon has developed over his life studying yoga under many teachers and his daily self-practice. A vigorous and vitalizing ritual practice designed to purify the causal, subtle, dream and physical bodies through meditation, mantra, chanting, pranayama, mudra, kriya, Prana-Vinyasa, asana and Yoga Nidra. Continued practice helps to calm the mind while integrating with the energy behind the breath. This class will take you to the next level of deepening your practice and knowledge. You will work with more advanced postures including inversions, arm-balances and longer holds, and integration of deeper philosophies into your practice and daily life. Greater emphasis is placed on concentration, mindfulness on the mat as well as off the mat. Have an open mind & heart. Come explore!

Available by Private Session only.  Email for more information or to book a private session.


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Advance Your Yoga Practice
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