Yoga Studio Vancouver – Prenatal Yoga

We have created a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to prepare for birth through breathing exercises and yoga. A prenatal yoga private class is tailored to the changing needs of the expectant mother. Each woman is guided back to her most comfortable posture, providing ultimate care and rejuvenation for both mother and baby. This yoga class helps prepare the pelvic muscles, hips and legs for childbirth. The exercises bring awareness to breath, which helps during labour. Please, wear comfortable clothes in which you can move, and bare feet.

*** We advise all prenatal clients to download the Parmed-X Form.  This form must  be reviewed and completed by your health care professional (doctor, midwife) prior to attending classes.  Your health care professional will have more information regarding your health and fitness history to properly advise you with regards to your activity level.  For more frequently asked questions regarding prenatal please click here.  Please contact us if you require any additional information regarding prenatal advice or private sessions.***

** Pre-natal Classes are available by Private or Private Group Session Only **

Video of Nicole Murcutt discussing Considerations to Take Before Prenatal Yoga

Video of Nicole Murcutt discussing When to Start a Prenatal Yoga Class

Video of Nicole Murcutt discussing the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Video of Nicole Murcutt discussing the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Classes

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