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MRS2000+ Whole Body Electromagnetic Mat

Exhale Yoga Pilates Dance Studio introduces the MRS2000+ Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Mat as a service to our members and drop-in clientele.

How it Works

The Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Mat contains no magnets, but a pulsing electromagnetic field. This technology energizes and restores cells, strengthening the energy field of each cell, which protects against disease-causing organisms. Electromagnetic technology within the mat uses north and south polarity which changes every two minutes within a session, providing different healing effects as it does so. The pulsing electromagnetic field oxygenates all 70 trillion cells in the body to improve energy and overall health.


Benefits of using the electromagnetic mat include increased energy, deeper relaxation and sleep, and relief of stress and symptoms of depression. The mat dramatically reduces pain, inflammation and infection while calming the nerves and stabilizing the body. Regular use of the mat boosts the immune system and improves metabolism and circulation. While the initial effects of the electromagnetic mat can be felt for up to 6 hours after each session, the long-term benefits of regular use include the regeneration of individual cells so that your body can heal existing injuries and ailments and increase its ability to stave off disease-causing organisms. People suffering from ailments or injuries (whether large or small), weight problems, stress, fatigue or depression, are among the many who will experience amazing results from lying on the electromagnetic mat for as little as 15 minutes a session.


Lance Armstrong, Tony Robbins and Shaquille O’Neal are among the celebrities who use the MRS2000. The mat has helped countless other people as well, with ailments and injuries such as bone fractures, arthritis, tumors, paralysis, digestive problems, skin diseases and insomnia.

“I have hip arthritis. For years I’ve had stiffness and pain that restricted my activity and made it hard to walk, especially after sitting for long periods. My wife and I purchased the MRS 2000 and use it every day. The results are incredible! The stiffness is gone. I can do everything I want to do. And best of all, I have no more hip pain!”  – Paul McCorkell

“When I’m on the mat, I’m really amazed at how much better I feel.” “I sleep really well and I don’t have the irritability. I haven’t had the hot flashes.” – Sheree Kirchner

“My husband, Rick cut into his leg with a chain saw while cutting wood in our brush.  I had to rush him to our local hospital where they cleaned him up and had determined that he had cut into the tendon and into the bone (but not completely through either one)…He came home in a cast and was supposed to be off work for 4 weeks because of the physical nature of his work…After 2 weeks, he went to see the surgeon to have his leg x-rayed again and have his stitches removed.  The x-ray technician actually came back in the room to confirm with Rick if he had x-rayed the correct leg because he could not see any signs of tendon damage or missing bone.” – Kelly Post

“After one treatment with the MRS 2000 I slept on my shoulder for the first time in months! I couldn’t believe it!” – Jean Cunningham


Minimum: 10 minutes
We recommend at least 15 minute sessions to optimize results.
For best results use the mat before or after a yoga, pilates or dance class, as your body will be more receptive to the treatment.

To book your session, please email with “Electromagnetic Mat” in the subject line, specifying your ideal date and time.
Please wear comfortable clothing and reserve 24 hours in advance.