Pre-Registered Yoga, Dance, Pilates at Exhale

Exhale Yoga Pilates Dance studio Vancouver, Pre-Registered Classes
Pre-Registered classes at Exhale Yoga Plates Dance Studio are progressive series that advocate progress, change and improvement. These pilates, yoga or dance classes focus on moving forward and advancing your skill, so you will feel continuous improvement. Each week new exercises, postures or moves are added on to what you learned the previous week. This way, you are constantly improving and by the end of the series you should be a level above the one you were at when you began. In addition, the commitment you made when you registered will motivate you to follow the series through.

If you can commit to a specific time each week, we recommend these classes for you.

Participants must enroll prior to the start date. Email your name and the name of the Pre-Registered class to, and we will reserve a spot for you and send you the necessary details.

Payment for pre-registered classes and workshops run under a different structure. Participants pay for the series in advance, prior to the start date. Regular drop-in class cards and unlimited membership passes cannot be used for pre-registered progressive classes and workshops. Pre-registered classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.