Mom & Babies Yoga

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Pre-Registered Mom & Babies Yoga
 with Nicole

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! Now it is time to get your body looking and feeling better with the help of your little one. This class will target those stubborn postpartum areas such as your hips, abs, and thighs. Restore core strength, improve posture, and reduce tension in a playful, yet challenging, class atmosphere where you are safely utilizing your baby as a weight. This is a fun and relaxing approach to getting back into shape while interacting with your baby!

 Also, this class is a great way to meet new parents.

**Mom & Baby Yoga is available by Private or Private Group Class Only**

To Schedule a Private or Private Group Class:

email with “mom & babies private” yoga in subject, and we will send you the necessary details.

Video of Nicole Murcutt discussing the Benefits of Mom & Baby Yoga Classes

Video of Nicole Murcutt discussing the Experience of a Mom & Baby Yoga Class