Yoga for Digestive Health & Detoxification

Exhale Yoga instructor, Sarah

Yoga for Digestive Health & Detoxification with Sarah

Do you suffer from bloating, low-energy, ‘brain-fog’ or digestive concerns? These are common signs of excess toxins overloading your system! Come work with Sarah in Yoga for Digestive Health and Detoxification and work through a specifically designed gentle practice that allows your mind and body to release and detoxify, winding down with aromatherapy and savasana in a warmed room. Take home exercises, lots of breath-work, and nutritional guidance for your best inner health! With over 5 years of cumulative experience working with healthcare practitioners including naturopaths, colon-hydrotherapists, pharmacists, natural pharmacists, aromatherapists, Exhale Yoga teacher Sarah brings her varied experience to you and to your best health… from within.

Digestive Yoga is available by Private Session only.  Email for more information or to book a private session.




Working with Sarah Harrison’s Yoga for Better Digestion has had an enormous healing impact on my digestion. I recommend to anyone who wants more ease in digestive function and breathing. It’s also just a great gentle yoga practice. ~Beth McTavish. Founder of Half-Moon Yoga Products

Sarah’s Yoga class is fantastic! Imagine the most relaxed you’ve ever been and multiply that many times! The atmosphere is serene and each pose is accompanied by gentle bodily support from bolsters and cushions to allow you to truly let go and enter a “rest and digest” state.  As a Naturopathic Physician, I often educate my patients regarding the impact that deep relaxation has on the health of the nervous system, immune system and digestive system. I recommend Sarah’s class for promoting whole-body wellness, nourishing mind, body and spirit.~Dr Adeola Mead, Naturopathic Physician

Being someone with IBS, anxiety, and depression, I have searched high and low into any conventional and alternative health care for support and relief. Sarah has formerly struggled through similar ailments, which she has overcome, healed herself of and is now teaching others to do the same. Yoga for Digestive Health & Detox allowed me to release a lot of stressful energy and gave me great postures to mindfully detoxify and improve my digestion. Namaste ~Jacquelyn W