Thai Deep Tissue Fusion Massage

Thai Deep Tissue Fusion Massage

This unique full body massage is a relaxing yet invigorating treatment combining the stretching aspects of Eastern Thai Yoga Massage and the tension release work of Western Deep Tissue Oil Massage.

The Thai style massage works along muscle and energy lines to help relieve physical tension while releasing energy blockages, working to stimulate circulation and the immune response.  Being stretched while in a passive state allows the body to relax completely, these deep weighted stretches improve flexibility while aiding the release of constricted muscles and fascia throughout the body.  Deep tissue oil massage eases the body into releasing deep rooted tension in areas such as the upper back, shoulders, neck and head.

This distinctive style of fusion massage combines techniques to leave the body and soul feeling extremely calm yet exhilarated, as though you received a full body massage and completed a yoga class (without the physical effort).


90 Minute Thai Deep Tissue Fusion Massage  ~  $135

To schedule your 90 minute Thai Deep Tissue Fusion Massage please contact with “Massage” in the subject heading.